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Website for breeders

Создание сайтов для питомников

Starting price of 400 Euro

Website development time:

up to 30 days

The basic cost includes:

  • Unique design for your cattery
  • Initial filling of the site with information
  • Dynamic photo gallery
  • Feedback form
  • Favicon
  • Site map
  • Easy placement of videos
  • Google Analistic
  • Site registration in search engines
  • Free technical support for the first 6 months

Odering site

Website with 20% discount

создание сайта со скидкой 20%

Are you the owner of a kennel or cattery but nobody knows about it? Do you need a website for a cattery, kennel or a cat fanciers club, but the budget does not allow you to use the services of a large web design firm? Then you've come to the right place.

We make websites for breeders of cats, dogs, chinchillas, and other animals, as well as sites for fanciers clubs of dogs, cats and other animals. It is possible to create sites of any animal theme.

Why people choose us?

1.Individual design. The entire design of the site is fully developed only for your cattery or kennel. The appearance of your site depends on many factors: the name of the cattery/kennel, the nature of its owners and animals as well as your color preferences.

2.We know the details! Owning a cattery, we know all the details and the specifics of its work.

3.Installation of one of the most popular CMS. Management and administration of your site will be so easy that even a child can cope with it.

4.Short terms of website creation. Usually it takes about 4 weeks to create one website from the order to its launch. Your cattery/kennel or club can have its site in 4 weeks!

5.Price. The price of the website created by us is significantly lower and not comparable with the price of the website ordered in specialized web studios or design firms.

6.Any level of complexity of the site. We are ready to implement all your wishes, from a simple application form for a kitten or puppy to complex catalogs and forms..

7.Responsive design. Your site will look equally good on the screens of monitors of any resolution and on the screens of mobile devices: tablets, desktops, smartphones.

8.Search engine optimization of your website (SEO). Convenient addition of meta-data: page descriptions, titles and key phrases, as well as a clear structure and built-in friendly URL. All this makes your site more attractive for search engines.

Why does the cattery need a website? The answer is obvious: being engaged in breeding a cattery or kennel needs a platform for display of results of the breeding work and sell of kittens and puppies.

If you have a site of a cattery or kennel you don't need to look for customers, giving ads on free and paid message boards. Buyers will find you themselves.The site represents your cattery/kennel.

For a potential buyer it is important to see kittens or puppies, their parents, as well as other animals of your cattery/kennel. A website with information about them, colorful professionally made photos, information about the exhibitions in which your pets participate will be a huge advantage for your cattery/kennel. A well-written texts and articles will help to promote your website on the Internet thereby increasing the number of potential buyers of your kittens or puppies.

Now there is no need to spend money every month to maintain and update information on the site. Once the site is delivered, you can independently administer and update your site without much effort and knowledge of HTML and other programming languages. Our sites have a convenient and easy to maintain site control panel (admin panel). Now you can create as many pages as you want and update information from anywhere in the world if you have access to the Internet.

You can get see our portfolio and calculate the cost of creating a website with the functionality you need.We also offer services for the transfer of a static site to a CMS - content management system.In addition, we are ready to provide you with services for creating layouts of banners, business cards, calendars.

Our services have already been used by more than 30 breeders from different hot cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vladimir, Kazan, Tula, Vladivostok, Vologda, Barnaul,Yoshkar-Ola, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Omsk, as well as breeders from other countries: Bulgaria, Canada, Kazakhstan, Italy, USA and Ukraine.

We will be glad to see you among our customers!

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